Console Commands

OrientDB implements a number of SQL statements and commands that are available through the Console. In the event that you need information while working in the console, you can access it using either the HELP or ? command.

BACKUP DATABASEBackup a database
BROWSE CLASSBrowses all the records of a class
BROWSE CLUSTERBrowses all the records of a cluster
CLASSESDisplays all the configured classes
CLUSTER STATUSDisplays the status of distributed cluster of servers
CLUSTERSDisplays all the configured clusters
CONFIGDisplays the configuration where the opened database is located (local or remote)
CONFIG GETReturns a configuration value
CONFIG SETSet a configuration value
CONNECTConnects to a database (deprecated see OPEN)
CONNECT ENVConnects to an OrientDB server/environment
CREATE DATABASECreates a new database
DECLARE INTENTDeclares an intent
DICTIONARY KEYSDisplays all the keys in the database dictionary
DICTIONARY GETLookups for a record using the dictionary. If found set it as the current record
DICTIONARY PUTInserts or modify an entry in the database dictionary. The entry is composed by key=String, value=record-id
DICTIONARY REMOVERemoves the association in the dictionary
DISCONNECTDisconnects from the current database
DISPLAY RECORDDisplays current record's attributes
DISPLAY RAW RECORDDisplays current record's raw format
DROP DATABASEDrop a database
EXPORT DATABASEExports a database
EXPORT RECORDExports a record in any of the supported format (i.e. json)
FREEZE DATABASEFreezes the database locking all the changes. Use this to raw backup. Once frozen it uses the RELEASE DATABASE to release it
GETReturns the value of a property
IMPORT DATABASEImports a database previously exported
INDEXESDisplays information about indexes
INFODisplays information about current status
INFO CLASSDisplays information about a class
JSExecutes a Javascript in the console
JSSExecutes a Javascript in the server
LIST DATABASESList the available databases
LIST CONNECTIONSList the available connections
LOAD RECORDLoads a record in memory and set it as the current one
LOAD SCRIPTLoads and executes a sql script
OPENOpens a database connection on the currently connected server/environment (see CONNECT ENV)
PROFILERControls the Profiler
PROPERTIESReturns all the configured properties
pwdDisplay current path
RELEASE DATABASEReleases a Console Freeze Database database
RELOAD RECORDReloads a record in memory and set it as the current one
RELOAD SCHEMAReloads the schema
RESTORE DATABASERestore a database
SETChanges the value of a property
HELPPrints this help
EXITCloses the console
SQL Commands