OServer - addUser()

This method adds a user to the OrientDB Server.

Adding Users

OrientDB differentiates between users with access to the server and users with access to the database. This method relates to adding users to the server.


public void OServer().addUser(String user, 
		String passwd,
		String permission)
userjava.lang.StringDefines the user name.
passwdjava.lang.StringDefines the password for the new user.
permissionjava.lang.StringDefines the permission-level for the new user.


This method throws the following exception,


Imagine you have a web application running on a distributed deployment. You may want a method in the class that manages your OrientDB Server instances to use in creating server users.

 * Create New User
public Boolean createUser(OServer oserver, 
      String user, String passwd, String permission){ 
   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Creating New User: " + user);

   try {
      // Create User 
      oserver.addUser(user, passwd, permission);
	  return true;

   } catch(IOException err){
      logger.warn("Error Creating User: " +
      return false;