Java API - Reference

OrientDB is written in Java and as such you can utilize the Java API without the need for any additional drivers or adapters. Instead, with the addition of a dependency you can import OrientDB's code directly into your application to either query or manipulate data from a running instance of OrientDB or to embed the OrientDB Server itself within your application.

This chapter provides reference documentation for the OrientDB Java API. The list of classes and methods documented here is not exhaustive, but rather pragmatic: focusing on those developers are more likely to use in building applications around OrientDB.


OClassManages database classes
OClusterManages physical and memory clusters
ODatabaseDocumentManages databases. This is the unified multi-model API. It works with all supported database models (i.e., graph, document, object and so on).
ODatabaseSessionSubclass of ODatabaseDocument, used to manage database sessions.
OEdgeHandles edge records. It is a subclass of OElement
OElementHandles document records, superclass to OVertex and OEdge records
OFunctionLibraryManages the functions available in OrientDB SQL on the database
OIntentManages intents (server optimizations) for particular tasks
OLiveQueryResultListenerSuper class used to manage Live Queries
OMetadataInterface used to store database metadata, such as the function library, schema and security
OPropertyManages properties on an OClass instance
OResultInterface for operating on records in a result-set
OResultSetResult-set returned by queries
ORIDRecord ID for OElement, OEdge and OVertex instances
OrientDBConnects to and interacts with the OrientDB Server
ORuleDefines rule for resources that a user or role can access
OSchemaDefines a schema for the database to enforce
OSecurityRoleControls a role and the access it has to database resources
OSecurityUserControls a user and the access it has to database resources
OServerEmbeds the OrientDB Server
OTransactionControls a transaction on the database
OTypeDefines the data-types of properties
OVertexHandles vertex records. It is a subclass of OElement

In the event that you don't find a page for the class or method you're looking for, see the Javadocs.