MarcoPolo - BinaryRecord

This struct represents binary data in your Elixir application. It rends as an ORecordBytes class in OrientDB.

Working with Binary Records

	:rid <record-id>,
	:contents <record-data>,
	:version <record-version>}
  • <record-id> Defines the Record ID, an instance of MarcoPolo.RID.
  • <record-data> Defines record data.
  • <record-version> Defines the record version, a non-negative integer.


In cases where you create binary records frequently with the same data, you might create a function to generate the struct from limited data. For instance, say you have a web application where new blog entries are all created on the same cluster:

@doc """ Create binary record of blog entry """
def gen_blog(blog_data) do
	# Create and Return Binary Record
		:rid MarcoPolo.RID(:cluster 14),
		:contents blog_data,
		:version 1}