A New Chapter: SAP Enterprise OrientDB joining the Open-Source Community!

Adhering to our set purpose as globally operating cloud company to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, SAP decided to conclude the commercialization of its on-premise database product SAP Enterprise OrientDB.

Acknowledging the importance of the functional scope provided by this solution and its relevance to our installed base customers it became apparent that a continued availability of bespoke capabilities would be the desired goal. Accordingly, SAP agreed to transition SAP Enterprise OrientDB into an Open-Source Solution, effective immediately.

Existing capabilities will be provisioned through the OrientDB enterprise agent available as Add-on to the established open-source Community Edition of OrientDB.

What do you need to know ?

The open-source solution OrientDB enterprise agent will be available as of today and run under Apache 2.0 license, same as the Community Edition of OrientDB already does today.

There will be no need for installed base customers to adjust their licenses or trigger any migration of their SAP Enterprise OrientDB installations in place. Furthermore, no changes apply to the release cycle and packaging except that the future roadmap will be determined and driven by the OrientDB open-source community in future. SAP will remain being part of this community as a member.

The provision of maintenance for SAP Enterprise OrientDB by SAP will end on 31.12.2023. Accordingly, existing support agreements cannot be extended beyond that date and auto-renewal clauses for existing subscription contracts will be ceased as of now. Please reach out to your appointed Account Executive in case of any concerns.

What is the expected impact on me ?

SAP purposely opted for a transition path that is most smooth and non-disruptive for our installed base customers, and as such there is no technical preparation or migration activities incurred on your side. In case you are already running productively on a local installation of SAP Enterprise OrientDB, you can just proceed to do so.

Installed base customers can continue to refer to the technical installation and upgrade guides for updates, release-cycles and packaging.

With SAP maintenance ending on 31.12.2023 existing subscription contracts will not be renewed. Exceptional cases may be considered until maximum this date if required – please reach out to your Account Executive in case.

Perpetual licenses need to be converted into respective term-licenses until maximum this date – please reach out to your Account Executive for more details and to trigger the next steps.

As of 01.01.2024 support will only be available through the open-source OrientDB community (see also related links below). You will no longer be able to open support tickets via the SAP Support Portal and the respective component will no longer be available within the SAP Support System.

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